A NGO working since 1975

Annual Activities

Grecaltes (NGO), Kolkata

Charitable Dispensary -
We are running health camps in the slums of Kolkata for the improvement of health of downtrodden society.

Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization Program -
GRECALTES has taken the responsibility of increasing the awareness level of the community for early case detection through regular IEC program for Leprosy, TB, and HIV/AIDS. Group discussion with different homogeneous group like community people, club members, school teachers, students, parents/ guardians of students, taxi driver, rickshaw puller, auto driver, sex workers, business association, councillor, MLA, community key people etc. Interpersonal communication is established by way of door to door visits through interaction and distribution of leaflets in Hindi, Bengali and Urdu, group talk/ discussion with different community people, club members, school teachers and community key people in Kolkata district.

Sensitization of Private Medical Practitioners, Medical establishments and Register Medical Practitioner doctors are done in the locality to increase the referral of chest symptomatic patient for early detection of TB to block the channel of transmission, anesthetic patch for early detection of leprosy, screening of TB patients for diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.

We provide Education mainly on Health to the needy Children of Slums

To empower women we educate them and provide vocational training to make them self-sufficient