A NGO working since 1975


Total Health Care support to the Marginalized section of the Community with special focus to:

To achieve sustainable improvement in TB Elimination and Diabetes Control.

Leprosy Caseload to such a level so that it will not be a Public Health Problem in days to come.

To enhance Awareness and Prevention of HIV/AIDS/Diabetes Mellitus.

Prevention of HIV/ AIDS and Diabetes Mellitus.

We strive to improve maternal and child health by providing quality health care services & systems, promoting prenatal and postnatal care, implementing evidence based interventions, and empowering communities through education and awareness programmes. By addressing underlying factors like poverty, lack of education, limited access to health care impacting maternal and child health and by offering comprehensive support, health services and education, we empower families to make informed decisions and promote good health of mothers and children.

To enhance the quality of life of community through Education, Health, Advocacy and Community Development; to place Victims on the path of quality living.


Vision is to achieve a value oriented sustainable society, based on social orientation, economic growth, and empowered people for social transformation of communitywhere every individual has access to affordable health care leading to improved wellbeing and equitable health outcome for all.

Collaboration – Work together towards achievement of a common goal in association with the larger team.

Leadership –
i) Bearing ownership of the task at hand,
ii) Drive end-to-end process/task delivery the best possible manner,
iii) Challenge each other to deliver the best possible service,
iv) Maintain transparency and accountability throughout the project.

Excellence –
i) Continued service delivery over the past 48 years for community welfare,
ii) Several acknowledgement and appreciation certificates received from eminent personality and approved Government bodies.

Adaptability –
i) Ability of responding to the changing needs arising in the society,
ii) Act quickly on newly emerging pressing needs arising in the society,

Building relationship –
i) Listen & understand to the issues/problems,
ii) Regular follow – ups with the target groups

What sets us apart

While promoting the overall wellbeing of mothers and children is at the forefront of our service delivery, the following values distinguish us from the other NGOs:

Collaboration plays a significant role in the success and impact of an NGO. Shared expertise, resources and networks from different organisations help in achieving the shared goals and address challenges efficiently. Collaboration helps broaden the scope of influence thus allowing increased reached and wider range of health related issues in turn leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes.

Continued service delivery across different health domains namely Leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes Mellitus, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, etc. over the past 48 years to ensure community welfare. Several acknowledgements and appreciation certificates received from eminent personalities and approved government bodies/organizations testifies our historic journey of excellence.

GRECALTES has always proved its ability of responding to the changing societal needs by acting quickly on newly emerging health and related social issues. By leveraging its network partners, there have been multiple instances of capacity building and knowledge exchange.

NGO leaders serve as ambassadors for GRECALTES and play a pivotal role in driving the organization mission, inspiring the wider Team and successful achievement of the set target. Leaders are responsible for representing the organization at conferences (at the State, National and International levels), public and private events and other forums. Leaders engage with stakeholders to raise awareness, secure diverse funding sources and resource mobilization.

Building a long term relationship with stakeholders, partners, communities, and beneficiaries is a critical aspect for our NGO. Open and transparent communication with stakeholders, regular update on organization activities, progress, roadblocks, updated information on new developments within GRECALTES are the key to success.We showcase our care towards the community by listening and comprehending the challenges / problems faced by the target groups and conduct regular follow ups to ensure continued good health practices.