A NGO working since 1975

Mother and Child Health Care

GRECALTES is a care giver for mother and child equation who build, develop and transform the nation. We conduct several programs and events for their welfare.

Identifying the diabetic patients women (general and pregnant) is one of the problems that we address in our projects. The slum women in the targeted slum areas in Kolkata have no idea and awareness about diabetes, gestational diabetes and life style changes. They have no access to care and treatment of diabetes.

The pregnant women in the slum areas, ranging from pre-natal to post natal care are deprived of the facility for screening of gestational diabetes. Their access to the treatment for the safe delivery of the babies are negligible due to their ignorance and illiteracy.

It is noteworthy that as far as TB is concerned GRECALTES have detected 1386 Female Cases. A total of 129 child cases identified. Thus to round up the estimated figure stands at 1515, together with female and child cases up to the year 2022.

Since 1975 we have been working for eradication of leprosy among the marginalised population . So far we have detected 4341 female leprosy affected patients and 2849 leprosy affected children.

Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus under the sponsorship of World Diabetes Foundation of Denmark during 2016 to 2019.

GRECALTES organised 468 camps in slum areas to make under privileged slum women in the reproductive age alert. 51, 953 women were screened, women at risk factor wave detected at 16,809. Already at risk women for Diabetes Mellitus were identified at 11, 865. Women referred to hospital were 3,786.

We also conducted 36 special camps for pregnant women. There was a member of 1,447 pregnant women. Diabetes GDM was identified at 227. Cases referred to hospital were 227.