A NGO working since 1975

Past Activities



Formation of GRECALTES (Greater Calcutta Leprosy Treatment & Health Education Scheme) – the first community oriented programme to control Leprosy in the urban area of Greater Calcutta especially in the slums. Registration of the society as a Charitable Body under West Bengal Society’s act of 1961. Approval of the State and Central Government. where main funding support came initially from the people of Germany to assist this country in the fight against Leprosy.


GRECALTES approached the community wide problem through creating a cadre of trained paramedics both men and women recruited often from the area under operation. Selection of suitable candidates representing different faiths and denominations brought the organization closer to identification with the community under study.

Publishing suitable teaching aids, Books, Hand outs, leaflets and articles in the news media promoted spread of technical information. Radio Talks, TV shows and Seminars on leprosy control were regularly arranged. Inter agency collaboration and continuous reporting to Government Health Department was implemented.

GRECALTES did enjoy sympathetic encouragements from Church Organizations eg. St. Paul Cathedral, Calcutta Urban Service, Oxford Mission as well as from Hindu organization eg. Bharat Sevashram Sangha and from Ramakrishna Mission.

Information, Education and Communication Program: GRECALTES has taken the responsibility of increasing the awareness level of the community for early case detection through regular IEC program.


Construction of the Training Centre building at 23, Market Street with Hostel Accommodation, Laboratory, Operation Theatre and Sick Bay.

Inauguration of the Training Centre building by Late Mr. Hermann Kober, the then Executive Director of G.L.R.A., Germany.

Inauguration of the Clinic at goragacha.

Consolidation of the work.

Introduction of M.D.T. to our Registered Leprosy Patients.


Consolidation of ongoing program.


Extension of Leprosy Work to Kasba, Dhakuria and Lake Gardens area.

New Clinic at Kasba was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Health Minister, Govt. of West Bengal.

Initiation of Socio-economic Rehabilitation Programme in Collaboration with State Bank of India.

Extensioin of Leprosy Work to Barisha, Thakurpukur area.

Opening a new clinic in Barisha. Started T.B. Control Programme (N.T.P.) in Dhapa and commencement of rehabilitation works with G.L.R.A. rehabilitation Funds.

Opening of TB clinic in Dhapa slum area of Kolkata.


Extension of T.B. Control Programme in Tiljala and Khidderpore area

Intensification of Socio-economic Rehabilitation.

Initiation of Housing Programme for Leprosy Victims.

Initiation of special P.O.D. Services in the Project (In addition to our Previous routine Ulcer/Physio Care.

Intensification of Integrated, Need based Health Awareness Programme.

Introduction of Educational Support Programme for the Children of the Leprosy Victims.


Conducted M.L.E.C. in 41 Wards of Calcutta under the guidance of Govt. of West Bengal (Health Deptt).

Participated in DOT R.N.T.C.P. Programme (In collaboration with Calcutta Municipal Corporation) to control T.B. in Greater Calcutta.

Inauguration of Designated Microscopy Centers and DOT Centers at Sambhu Nath Pandit State General Hospital.

Inauguration of Vocational Training Department.

Conducted 2nd Round M.L.E.C. under the guidance of Govt. of West Bengal.

Intensification of Socio-Economic Rehabilitation

Intensification of P.O.D. Services.


Data management and technical support to different Kolkata Municipal Corporation Clinics for strengthening of National Leprosy Eradication Program.

GRECALTES was actively involved in Prevention of Impairment and Disability of leprosy.

Strengthening of rehabilitation of leprosy affected persons through vocational training and Community based rehabilitation.

Child education.

Domestic Violence.


Organized National Leprosy Workshop on “World Without Leprosy” which was Inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Governal of West Bengal Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi in Presence of the then health minister Sri Surjya Kanta Mishra and director health service Govt. of West Bengal Dr. Sanchita Baksi.

Organized National Leprosy & TB Workshop on “World Without Leprosy & TB” Inaugurated the then Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India, New Delhi in presence of many stalwart of Leprosy and TB field.

Mother & Child Health Program for improvement of their health.

Research activities under the guidance of Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India & Govt. of West Bengal.


Continuation of ongoing program

Implementation of project prevention of diabetes mellitus and gestational dm among slum women of kolkata: Since 2012, GRECALTES has been conducting program to prevent Diabetes Mellitus among the slum women of Kolkata.

Seminar and orientation training organized by GRECALTES among Doctors and grass - root health workers.


Continuation of ongoing program.

Awareness generation about the scientific facts of Covid-19 virus.